Our natural, lactate and gluconate mineral are the smart way to fortify confectionery and meet the growing consumer trend for kinder candy. We also offer nutritional premixes, for added speed and convenience.*

Make your uniquely delightful candies even harder to resist by adding nutritive value that sets them apart from other confections. Corbion's soluble mineral fortification solutions let you create sweets that help deliver support for aspects of cognitive, cardiovascular and bone health. 

Our natural, lactate- and gluconate-based minerals – including calcium, magnesium and zinc – offer high solubility and bioavailability, allowing you to achieve high mineral content, and their neutral flavor won't take away from the superb taste you've worked hard to achieve. These natural mineral salts are ideally suited for use in a variety of applications, such as soft and hard candies.

Talk to us about the requirements of your specific applications and how we can support your reformulation process.

Better confectionery processing with nutritional premixes*

For a solution that speeds your product development and allows more efficient and convenient processing, we offer a range of tailor-made nutritional premixes. In addition to saving you time and trouble, these solutions help you reduce blending, formulation and R&D costs while minimizing your inventory of raw materials.

* currently for US customers, under review