Corbion's buffered acid blends and powders, based on PURAC® natural lactic acid, help you boost the taste, texture, shelf life and appearance of your confectionery products. They deliver outstanding results when reducing use of citric acid, or when replacing it altogether.

Opting for blended acids or powdered acids over a single acid can help you create optimal flavor/sourness profiles and prevent sugar inversion in hard boiled candy. It can also help avoid gel degradation and stickiness in soft candy, where Corbion powders excel in the acid-sanding process.

Boost taste and texture in confectionery

Our solutions for acidification help you achieve the distinctive taste (extreme sourness) you want in your candy. Choosing from our portfolio gives you control over the intensity of the sourness and character of the candy flavor. Your customers will experience more balance against sugars and sweeteners, while you gain stability and achieve an easy processing of your product.

Just as preventing stickiness is crucial in hard boiled candy, the texture of soft candy is no less important in shaping the consumer perceptions of your candies. Corbion provides the expertise needed to pair our solutions with various hydrocolloids – such as pectin and starch or carrageenan – to make your vision a reality. We'll find the acid or acid blend that works best given the specific sourness, production parameters and drying time your hydrocolloid requires. If you're producing extruded candy, for instance, we will likely recommend our PURAC® CLM to deliver high stability required inside the mass and obtain the perfect dry appearance on the acid sanding. 

Whatever taste or texture you want in your candy, and whether you need a liquid or powder solution, we have the ingredient portfolio and know-how to help you make it happen.

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