Food safety in seafood

Increasing safety in fish and seafood is a growing challenge for our customers with stretched production chains and a growing threat of microbial growth. Which is why our natural solutions offer you the answer in food safety - including preventing Listeria outgrowth in fish

Fish products are especially subject to food-borne pathogens like Listeria monocytogenes because they don’t typically undergo any form of heat treatment. What’s more, Listeria monocytogenes survives in refrigerated temperatures.

Our combination of food safety expertise – supported by a proven portfolio of natural fish solutions – lead the industry, and will help you extend seafood shelf life, protect your consumers and brand – and comply with all current legislation.

Proven fish safety solutions

Our proven successes cover smoked salmon, surimi, trout and halibut. Our solutions are generally available in both liquid and powder forms, and can be injected during both wet or dry curing process.