Corbion is known for its expertise, but that doesn’t stop our efforts to learn more. Thanks to our dedication to ongoing R&D, we continue to deepen our understanding of food systems and make a difference in advancing the state of food preservation and safety technology across the food industry.

We share that knowledge with the industry through professional forums and publications, but most importantly, we bring it into the collaborative partnerships we forge with customers. It shapes the solutions we offer as well as the creative concepts we develop together. 

When it comes to transforming those concepts into tangible reality, no ingredient supplier does as much as Corbion to help you ensure the successful implementation of the solutions we provide. We take our manufacturing experience and technical expertise right to your production floor, troubleshooting alongside you when help is needed. 

Our global network of experts in meat and poultry science, food safety and preservation shape the products and solutions… Our technical services team works in partnership with our customers to provide: 

  • Application Support
  • Formulation Advice
  • Product Development
  • Microbiology Studies
  • Predictive Modeling Tools

Contact us today to learn more about our services and capabilities. Discover how we can optimize your formulations today.