Hold the salt: Solving sodium reduction in meat

How can you reduce sodium in meat products safely, sustainably – and with minimal compromise on taste? At Corbion we help you achieve all three…

Perhaps the biggest challenge for manufacturers is that salt plays a key functional role in flavor, shelf life and yield. Meanwhile, current sodium reducing alternatives like potassium chloride can have a bitter or unpleasant taste.

Reduce salt naturally with PuraQ® Arome NA4

Now you can reduce sodium in meat by up to 40% - the natural way, thanks to our double-award winning PuraQ Arome NA4. Labeled as natural flavoring, PuraQ Arome NA4 brings a salty, umami-like flavor profile to food products while reducing the water activity.

Reduce sodium in meat

Our PURASAL® HiPure P potassium lactate helps you extend the shelf life of sodium-reduced meat products: In fact we offer a range of potassium lactate products – all of which reduce sodium with no negative affects on flavor.

Cut sodium in meat by 40% with Verdad®

Verdad® is our family of ingredients that bring flavor and safety to meat products. This enables processors to reduce sodium by up to 40