Finding the perfect flavor fit

Would you like to replace sour-tasting organic acids like vinegar in your refrigerated foods? Our family of organic lactic acids protect your product – but with no compromise on taste.

Thanks to their flavor profiles, our lactic acids and ferments such as PuraQ® Arome boost food sensation, while our neutral tasting potassium lactate, PURASAL® HiPure P Plus, can enhance flavor notes in savory applications and mask the sourness caused by acetate or vinegar.

We literally went back to nature in order to get the perfect flavor fit – from bacon and tomato to green herbs and cheese.

Improving the taste of refrigerated food

Unlike most other organic acids, lactic acid doesn't have an intense sour flavor profile that overwhelms the taste of the food. What’s more lactic acid has great acidifying properties – and all while being 100% organic and produced from renewable resources.