M. Vrijsen (Chairman) (1947)
Nationality: Dutch
Previous positions:
Senior VP Global Operations and Engineering of E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company (DuPont), US; Various positions at DuPont, US
Supervisory Directorships:
Broadview Holding; Fiets!, Belgium; Casco Phil, Belgium
Additional position:
Senior External Advisor McKinsey
First appointed in 2013

Current term of office 2017-2021

R.H.P. Markham (Vice-Chairman) (1946)
Nationality: British
Previous positions:
Executive Director and Chief Finance Officer Unilever N.V. and Unilever Plc
Supervisory directorships:
Non-Executive Director and Senior Independent Director of Legal and General Plc (UK); Non-Executive Director of United Parcel Services Inc. (US); Non-Executive Director of Astra Zeneca Plc (UK)
First appointed in 2010

Current term of office: 2018-2020

J.P. de Kreij (1959)

Nationality: Dutch
Current position:
Vice-chairman Executive Board & CFO of Royal Vopak N.V.
Additional Position:
Member Advisory Council of the Listed Companies of NYSE Euronext
First appointed in 2011

Current term of office 2015-2019

S. Riisgaard (1951)
Nationality: Danish
Previous position:
President and CEO Novozymes A/S, Denmark
Supervisory Directorships:
Chairman of Alk-Abello, Denmark; Member of Arhus University, Denmark; Chairman of Cowi Holding A/S, Denmark; Chairman of Egmont Holding and Foundation, Denmark; Vice-Chairman of Novo Nordisk Foundation, Denmark; Member of Novo A/S, Denmark; Vice-Chairman of Villum Foundation, Denmark; Chairman of WWF, Denmark; Chairman of Xellia A/S, Denmark
First appointed in 2014

Current term of office 2018-2022

E. Doherty (1957)
Nationality: British
Previous positions:
CFO and Executive Director Reckit Benckiser plc, UK; CFO and Executive Director Barmbles Ltd., Australia; Group International Finance Director and International Finance Director Tesco plc, UK; SVP Finance, Central and Eastern Europe, and various other positions at Unilever plc, UK.
Supervisory Directorships:
Dunelm plc, UK, Novartis AG, Switzerland
First appointed in 2015

Current term of office 2015-2019