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Technical Marketing Sr. Specialist Esther Lansdaal
will present "With or without Handshakes: Formulating Safe, Gentle and Effective Hand Disinfectants" on October 30, from 11.30 - 12.00 CET


The coronavirus pandemic has brought renewed attention to the importance of hand hygiene. Health and governmental authorities worldwide stress the potential of conscientious hygienic practices, like those recommended by the World Health Organization, to slow the spread of COVID-19. Thorough handwashing is an essential practice, as are "social distancing" habits such as forgoing handshakes, kisses and other forms of greeting that involve physical contact.

Disinfectant products providing a convenient means of sanitization when handwashing is not possible are also important. But given the need for frequent hand cleansing to avoid infection, many disinfecting hand rubs are too harsh and drying to the skin. There is a need in the market for solutions that deliver both antimicrobial efficacy and gentleness. 

Many disinfectant hand rubs and sprays use high levels (>70%) of alcohol in order to deliver disinfectant properties and rapid evaporation. These high levels of ethanol dry out the skin with frequent use.

Ethanol content of 40% is generally sufficient to achieve quick evaporation, but too low to provide proper disinfection of the hands. However, when combined with lactic acid, 40% ethanol will eliminate germs, evaporate quickly and have a milder effect on the skin.

Only eight different BPR type 1 products are registered today. Of those eight, only a few are safe, natural biocidal ingredients available for producing disinfectant hand soaps and gels, and even fewer are both effective and mild to the skin.

Lactic acid is a natural, safe and effective PT1 registered biocide that enables the creation of lower-pH hand soaps and gels (pH 3 – 4.5) offering safety, mildness and antimicrobial efficacy without the use of aggressive biocides. This presentation looks at options for formulating products that help consumers protect their health without harshness to their skin.

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