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At Corbion we use our unique expertise in fermentation and other processes to deliver sustainable solutions for the preservation of food and food production, health, and our planet.

Armed with deep application and product knowledge, and inspired to leverage nature's ingenuity through science, we help manufacturers differentiate products in diverse markets that include food, home & personal care, animal nutrition, pharmaceuticals, electronics, medical devices, and bioplastics.

Lab workers testing bioresorbable polymers.

Bioresorbable polymers

Our bioresorbable polymers are making big change possible - including helping thousands of patients achieve faster recovery and better care. Our portfolio has been developed to support life-changing medical and pharmaceutical products and meet the growing need for patient-friendly and economically sustainable solutions across both industries.

Ground beef.

Nature-based antioxidants

Oxidation naturally degrades products over time; explore our Origin® antioxidant portfolio to reimagine freshness. Corbion harnesses the antioxidative potential of natural plant extracts like rosemary and acerola to elevate product freshness, preserving both color and flavor while prolonging shelf life.

Aquaculture tanks in ocean.

AlgaPrime™ DHA

AlgaPrime™ DHA is the world’s leading source of algae omega-3, sustainable, affordable, and at scale. It is a sustainable alternative to fish oil, supporting healthy diets and reducing pressure on marine resources without impacting the carbon footprint.
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