Corbion Speak Up Platform

We became a leading sustainable ingredient solutions provider by operating our business year after year in a responsible and sustainable way, throughout our value chain. As important as who we are and what we aim to achieve is how we get there.

Corbion Speak Up Platform

We strive to do business in a responsible and sustainable way. This is not only embedded in our long- term strategy, it also needs to be part of our everyday behaviors. Our Code of Business Conduct is a framework of principles to guide us in our decisions.

More than words on paper, our principles are meant to be effective, and we are committed to ensuring that our company is managed in line with them. You can help us achieve this goal by reporting any suspected violations of the Corbion Code of Business Conduct, Supplier Code, Cane Sugar Code, any applicable laws and regulations or certification standards (e.g. RSPO Code of Conduct and Bonsucro Code of Conduct) and situations where the public interest is at stake using the Corbion Speak Up Platform. 

You may also choose to report any concerns directly to the competent authorities in the European Union, particularly about violations of EU laws.


Who can use the Corbion Speak Up Platform?

Corbion's Speak Up Platform is a dedicated online channel available to Corbion’s external stakeholders (such as customers, suppliers, communities, distributors, and agents).


What to report?

You are encouraged to raise concerns about (suspected) misconduct involving any Corbion company, representative, employee, or supplier: violations of the Corbion Code of Business Conduct, Corbion's Supplier Code, Corbion's Cane Sugar Code, any applicable laws, or regulations and industry or certification standards (e.g. RSPO Code of Conduct and Bonsucro Code of Conduct) and situations where the public interest is at stake.

Examples of misconduct:

  • Discrimination or harassment

  • Corruption or bribery

  • Violation of environmental, health, and safety regulations

  • Anti-trust or competition behavior

  • Unauthorized disclosure of confidential information

  • Insider trading

  • Fraud

  • Violation of environmental laws

  • Use of forced or child labor


Do not use the Corbion Speak Up Platform:

  • To report events presenting an immediate threat to life or property. If you need immediate assistance, please contact your local authorities or call your country emergency phone number.

  • To request information about our products, terms and conditions, distribution network, or other general enquiries.

  • To check the status of orders, to contact customer service, or to file product or service-related complaints.


How to file a report? 

  1. Visit the Corbion Speak Up website, which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  2. Select your country and language. The website is available in several languages. Fill in the free format message to submit your concern. In order to facilitate Corbion to conduct effective investigations, please include a detailed description of the incident (who, what, when, how) and supporting evidence (e.g. copies of documents, screenshots, or names of witnesses) that can validate your report. You can choose to file a report anonymously.

  3. After sending your message, you will receive an individual case number. Please write this down carefully and keep it safe.  This case number is your personal key to the Corbion Speak Up reporting system and it allows you to track the progress of your report. You will be asked to enter this number each time you access the system.

  4. We take all reports seriously and will take the appropriate action on each report. We will keep you informed on our progress via the Corbion Speak Up reporting system. You can go back into the website to check the progress of your case using your case number at any time.


Who will receive my report?

The reports will be received by the Corbion Business Conduct Committee, which consists of the VP Legal & Compliance, the Chief Human Resources Officer, and the Senior Director Internal Audit and Risk Management. The Committee is advised by Corbion’s compliance team.

In case the complaint is filed against one or more members of the Corbion Business Conduct Committee, the report will be received by the Chair of Corbion's Supervisory Board or Corbion's CEO, depending on the position of the implicated member.



What happens after I have filed my report?

1. Acknowledgement

After you complete your report online, you will receive a unique case number from the system. The Corbion Business Conduct Committee will communicate with you via the Corbion Speak Up reporting system using this unique case number.

Corbion will reply with a message in the reporting person’s language confirming receipt of the report generally within one week. You can log back onto the website, identify yourself with the case number, and read the reply. You can also – immediately or later – leave a new message.


2. Triage

Each report we receive is studied carefully. We will open a case if your report is credible and includes enough evidence. We will then assign the case to an independent case manager in the region/country where the incident is said to have taken place.

Corbion retains the right not to investigate a report (further) if there is insufficient information to conduct an adequate investigation and if there is no possibility of obtaining further information, or if it is established that the report was made in bad faith.


3. Investigation and confidentiality

The Business Conduct Committee will assign a case manager to investigate the report under its instructions. Reports of suspected violations will be kept confidential to the highest extent possible, consistent with the need to conduct an adequate investigation. This means that the report will only be shared with a limited number of people working on behalf or at the request of the Corbion Business Conduct Committee (including external advisors) on a strict need-to-know basis. Information will only be disclosed outside this small group if it is required by law or if an important public interest is at stake.

Your identity, and information from which your identity may be disclosed, will only be shared with people authorized to receive or follow up on your report. Such information will only be disclosed outside this small group with your explicit consent or if we are required to do so by law. In principle, we are obliged to inform the implicated person that a complaint has been filed against him/her, but your identity will not be disclosed.

Every investigation is different and the information and facts that need to be considered will also differ. The investigation process may include (i) reviewing of CCTV footage, e-mails, reports, attendance records and other documents which are relevant to the case, (i) interviews with relevant stakeholders, (iii) forensic analysis, among others. Consistent with the need to conduct an adequate and impartial investigation, the implicated person will always be granted the opportunity to defend him or herself of the accusations made during the investigation.


4. Decision and communication

After reviewing all the findings of the investigation, the Business Conduct Committee will decide if misconduct has taken place, and, if so, take action. You will receive an update on the status of your report within 3 months.

You will be informed of the overall finding, i.e. whether Corbion has established that misconduct has taken place. Please note that it is not possible to provide full details of the outcome of a case to you for reasons of confidentiality, privacy, and the legal rights of all concerned.


5. Continuous learning

Our Speak Up process is constantly reviewed to comply with new applicable laws and regulations and improved upon on the basis of recommendations by external auditors (e.g. RSPO, Bonsucro).




Corbion respects your privacy and complies with applicable privacy laws. To learn more about how Corbion processes your personal data in connection with reports and investigations, please read our Privacy Notice.



You will be protected against retaliation if you report concerns about suspected misconduct in good faith, even if it turns out to be unfounded.


 Rights of the implicated person:

To ensure a thorough and impartial investigation, reported employees have the right to defend themselves and will be afforded the opportunity to present their perspective on the accusations during the investigation.