Circular lactic acid technology

Becoming truly circular.

At Corbion, most by-products of the lactic acid process are reused or recycled.

But in order to be truly circular, Corbion has explored the development of a new lactic acid production process.

In this process nearly all chemicals are recycled, resource efficiency is optimized, and by-products are eliminated. Over the past decade, we have scaled-up this process from the lab to pilot scale to demonstration scale, giving us confidence that this process will prove viable on an industrial scale. 

To further strengthen our global market leadership position in an attractive growth market, we have decided to build a new lactic acid plant at our existing site in Rayong Province in Thailand. The new plant will be based on our innovative and proprietary circular technology. This new technology will further enhance our position as lowest cost producer of lactic acid at the highest sustainability standards.



Scientists in lab working with beakers and microscopes.

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