Guidelines for investor relations

Guiding Principle

Stock price sensitive information is released as soon as possible.
Such information is not externally disclosed before it is made public.


IR Organization

Investor Relations (IR) is the responsibility of the CEO and CFO within the Board of Management Head of IR reports to the CEO. IR department has clear functional ties with the Corporate Communications (CC) department.


Guidelines for Communication with Financial Analysts and Investors

Corbion's focus on investor relations also implies that Corbion regularly engages in bilateral contacts with shareholders and other market participants. Generally, the main objective of these bilateral contacts is to explain Corbion's strategy and operational performance and to answer questions from shareholders and other market participants on information shared with the market. For such bilateral contacts Corbion has established the following rules:
(i) Bilateral contacts may be initiated at the request of Corbion, or at the request of a shareholder or other market participant;
(ii) Contacts shall in principle be conducted by the CEO and/or CFO and/or by a representative of Investor Relations, occasionally supported by other Executive Committee members and/or operational directors;
(iii) Investor Relations may also hold meetings with shareholders or other market participants without the presence of a Board of Management member;
(iv) Similar meetings may be held with sell side analysts and sales teams representing brokerages or banks;
(v) To ensure equal access to company information for all shareholders and other market participants, bilateral explanations and discussions shall be based on information that is already in the public domain, with no disclosure of price sensitive or company-confidential information to any shareholders and other market participants;
(vi) In the unlikely event of a release of price sensitive information during Corbion's bilateral contacts with shareholders or other market participants, Investor Relations will ensure that such information is immediately made generally and publicly available if and as required, and in accordance with existing regulations; and
(vii) Corbion's contacts with shareholders and other market participants will at all times be conducted in compliance with applicable rules and regulations, in particular those concerning selective disclosure, market abuse, price sensitive information and equal treatment.


Silent Periods

In the periods preceding the publication of the full and half-year results as well as the periods preceding the Interim Management Statements for the first and third quarter, Corbion maintains so-called "silent periods". During these periods, we will in principle not participate in bilateral meetings with shareholders and other market participants, and we will also refrain from making presentations at financial conferences or to retail investor audiences. Exceptions may apply, for example if communication relates to factual clarifications of previously disclosed information.


Distribution of Information

Price sensitive information is disseminated through press releases. In this context Corbion issues press releases on its annual and half year results and Interim Management Statements for the first and third quarter, and announcements on major organization developments. Corbion also issues press releases with information that may contribute to the positioning of the company and the Corbion brand with (potential) clients, employees, shareholders and other market participants.
Corbion organizes pre-planned analyst conferences and conference calls which are announced in advance on the Corbion website and in press releases. These events are generally made accessible to all investment audiences (including sharehlders and other market participants) by way of webcasts, while transcripts of these webcasts are made available on the company's website as well. In addition, Corbion participates in investor road shows and in investor conferences for institutional investors and provides presentations for groups of retail investors.


Response to Third Party Publications

Response to (draft) analyst reports is only provided by reference to public information and published guidance. Corrections to these reports are given only for omissions in factual information.


Price Sensitive Information

We abide by the rules of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) on the disclosure of price sensitive information.

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