Enhance dairy cattle diet with algae-based nutrition in feed formulation

The power of omega-3s 

Long-chain polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids are essential nutrients. They are synthesized by humans and most animal species at low levels and play a crucial role in human health, helping to maintain heart, brain, and eye health.¹ They may also help lower the risk of heart disease.²

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As in humans, Long-chain omega-3s are essential for animal nutrition. The importance of DHA omega-3 in Dairy Cattle nutrition is receiving increasing attention. Numerous studies support specific benefits in fertility and youthful growth.


AlgaPrime™ DHA

In nature, marine microalgae are at the base of the food chain and the original source of omega-3 fatty acids that later accumulate in these fish. To meet the production challenges and growing demand of Omega-3s, microalgae fermentation plays a strategic role as we access its naturally original source.

We're pioneering a new way to create Omega-3s that are sustainable, affordable, and at scale.

Our proprietary fermentation process transforms microalgae into high-quality and health-promoting Omega-3 products, taking the “middle fish out”. 

AlgaPrime™ DHA is a high-quality, vegetarian source of Omega-3 Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA), which is a key building block for Dairy Cattle. With AlgaPrime™ DHA we help maintain or raise the Omega-3s level for healthy diets, reducing the dependency on fish oil in feed, while preserving the environment.


Animal health

  • Reproductive Health –The amount of Omega-3s in Ruminates' diets positively influences reproductive health and fertility. Studies have shown a positive outcome in both males and females that received supplementation of Omega-3s. Diets high in Omega-3s can reduce pregnancy losses and improve embryonic development, as DHA accumulates in the oocytes and increase the embryos' survival rates. DHA also increases spermatozoids mobility, improving male reproductive ability.³
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Reducing complexity 

  • Affordable – We continue to develop new strains with higher omega-3 content and increase production efficiency in our commitment to deliver innovation that works for large-scale businesses in Dairy Cattle.
  • At Scale – In our efforts to help farmers meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, we designed our production sites with ample capacity to facilitate rapid growth for the next decade, with programs for de-bottlenecking and process optimization to improve output.
  • Reliable - AlgaPrime™ DHA provides supply chain resilience, reducing complexity with on-demand production without the constraints of geography, seasonality, and changing climate conditions.
  • Consistent - Produced via fermentation, AlgaPrime™ DHA provides a standardized, high-quality, and abundant source of Omega-3 fatty acids.


Enabling sustainable growth 

  • Sustainable - AlgaPrime™ DHA is sustainably produced using renewable energy and cane sugar as a feedstock. This results in low carbon, water, and land use impact.
  • Clean - AlgaPrime™ DHA microalgae are grown in closed fermentation tanks and do not contain the persistent organic pollutants that naturally accumulate in fish oil.
  • Nutritious - Omega-3 enrichment of milk is possible by using AlgaPrime™ DHA in Dairy Cattle diets. AlgaPrime™ DHA has natural stability against rumen dehydrogenation because the algae cell wall naturally protects the Omega-3 fatty acids.


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