Lactic acid and its derivatives

As a global lactic acid manufacturer, Corbion champions preservation in all its forms.

Biochemical Specialties Markets

Using science, we leverage nature's resources to create safe, effective, and sustainable alternatives to fossil-based chemicals for diverse industrial and consumer products.  By harnessing biobased ingredient technologies, we can help preserve human health and the health of our planet.

We understand the importance of relevance, responsiveness, and reliability. Our lactic acid-based ingredients provide effective solutions for the challenges you face, across a broad range of applications.


How can lactic acid solutions help you?

Lactic acid and its derivatives are extremely versatile, delivering multiple benefits in a wide range of applications. 

As a leader in lactic acid manufacturing and technologies, we collaborate closely with our customers in agrochemicals, home & personal care, animal nutrition, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and bioplastics to create optimal solutions for their businesses.

Corbion has the in-depth knowledge, experience, and broad portfolio of specialty products to help you overcome key challenges and take your applications farther. With expertise in fermentation and other sustainable processes, we deliver solutions that enable your products to be high-performing, and greener, too.


Agrochemicals: Improving functionality, cutting petrochemical use

Our lactic acid-based solutions support sustainable production of healthier, stronger crops while offering outstanding safety profiles. The PURASOLV® lactate esters range enhances solvency in agrochemical formulations and includes OMRI-listed options that can be used in biopesticides. Explore how our solvents support your formulations and help future-proof your products here.


Animal nutrition: Better health, better performance

Our portfolio helps manufacturers of animal feed improve nutrient uptake, health, and performance in farm animals, aquaculture, and pets. Learn more.


Chemicals: Boosting safety and functionality

Corbion solutions support manufacturers in a variety of industries ranging from coatings, leather, and plastics to oil and many other chemical-intensive industries. Our experience across diverse applications has enabled us to develop unique expertise, creativity, and an array of technical solutions that can directly impact your productivity and profitability. Learn more.


Electronics: Highest purity, quality assurance, and security of supply

Our PURASOLV® solvents are based on lactate esters, which are derivatives of lactic acid. By adhering to the world's most rigorous quality standards, PURASOLV® solvents are exceptionally well-suited to the microelectronics industry. Combining robust sustainability credentials with outstanding safety and performance, they deliver results in even the most exacting of applications. Learn more.


Home care, I&I, and human hygiene: Greener cleaning power

For home care and hygiene product manufacturers, our biodegradable lactic acid-based solutions are proven to help produce safe, sustainable cleaning solutions. Biobased and cost-effective, they are used today in applications ranging from antimicrobial and descaling solutions to hand soaps. Formulation guidelines are available for download. Learn more.


Pharma: Quality and reliability

We offer a range of lactic acid, sodium lactates, and calcium gluconates for parenteral and dialysis applications, as well as nutraceutical and medical nutrition solutions. Our customers are guaranteed the highest, most consistent quality, based on the very latest regulatory standards and supported by a world-class supply chain. Learn more.


Personal care: Gentle but effective solutions

Our lactic acid, and lactic acid derivatives such as lactates and gluconates, provide formulators with some of the most natural, safe, and cost-effective ingredient options available. These products are widely known for their moisturizing, anti-aging, sebum control, pH adjustment, and antimicrobial functionality, making them ideal for a wide range of skin care applications. Learn more.


Biomaterials: Developing tomorrow's healthcare solutions

Corbion provides high-quality resorbable polymers for medical devices and controlled drug delivery products. Our biobased, customizable, and easy-to-use polymers address unmet medical needs and ultimately contribute to improving patients' health and well-being. Our industry experience, regulatory expertise, and commitment to co-creation can play an important part in accelerating the development of your biomedical innovations. Learn more.

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