Bioresorbable polymers for controlled release drug delivery

Navigating the world of biomedical polymers for controlled drug delivery can be complex. But not with Corbion by your side.

We are here to support your development process.

From finding the right polymer that fits your formulation strategy.


Innovative biomaterial technology

We're committed to improving patients' health and well-being through next-generation healthcare solutions. Using our extensive experience in polymer technology, we offer GMP-grade polymers, including poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) - or ‘PLGA' - PLA and block-copolymers as excipients for controlled release drug delivery. By combining our solutions with your API, you can precisely control dosages over days, weeks, or even months – all with a single dose. 

Manufactured in Corbion's own advanced facilities, our high-quality polymers are biocompatible and biodegradable into compounds naturally processed by the human body. Plus, our polymers have been extensively studied and are recognized as safe by the FDA and other regulatory agencies.


PURASORB®: formulation flexibility 

Based on lactide and glycolide monomers, our portfolio of off-the-shelf and readily available PURASORB® polymers and co-polymers is designed for a variety of drug delivery formulations and processing techniques, and is compatible with a broad range of APIs. And all backed by Corbion's 45 years' international quality experience and industry knowledge. Readily available and repeatedly proven, with PURASORB® polymers, you can get started straightaway.


High-quality PLA and PLGA for drug delivery systems

Every drug formulation is different. And with so many influencing factors, developing new products can be challenging. At Corbion, we offer a holistic biomaterial solution to suit your specific needs. Looking at patient requirements, the chemical characteristics of the API, form of the implant, production process, and degradation mechanism, we can support you in pinpointing the ideal controlled release system.


PURASORB® R&D: customizable, adjustable polymers

With PURASORB® R&D, we provide you with the tailored polymers that fits your product development needs. By targeting a specific monomer ratio, IV, or monomer content, we work hand-in-hand with you and help you identify, document, and justify your critical material attributes and critical process parameters. This way, your quality-by-design strategy is complete – from the start.

Partnering to scale up drug delivery technology

Our goal? To support your innovations and bring life-saving and life-changing drugs to market. Which is why we also offer support if you have your own polymer-based drug delivery technology that needs further development and scaling up. And all the while meeting stringent industry standards, thanks to our team's up-to-date knowledge on the latest regulations and requirements. What's more, our multiple production sites ensure a reliable, yet flexible, product supply. Find out more about our co-creation strategy here.

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Ready to revolutionize drug delivery? 

Embark on your next project with confidence by harnessing the power of our PURASORB® polymers through our partnership with PolySciTech® (Akina, Inc.). With no minimum orders, you can swiftly purchase our GMP representative material to test it in your project today. Revolutionize drug delivery with confidence with just one click away at PolySciTech® -!



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