Explore cutting-edge lactate esters-based solvents for microelectronics

Could lactate esters be a sustainable panacea for electronics manufacturers?

Diverse solutions

Few sectors are growing and diversifying as much as microelectronics.

So, the pressure is on: when development is so fast, how do you keep advancing specification standards while improving sustainability credentials?

Our PURASOLV® range of biobased solvents, based on lactate esters, could provide the answer.

Effective alternatives to conventional solvents for electronics, lactate esters offer exceptional purity, optimal safety, and high performance, giving you the confidence to leverage their benefits in a wide variety of applications.

Our solutions act as photoresist solvents, thinners, and edge bead removers in semiconductor production, while delivering benefits in other applications like LCD cleaning and capacitors (electronics binders) too.

Read on to find out more.


High purity, high performance microelectronics solvents... that are also green?

For the most advanced applications, turn to PURASOLV® ELECT. A superior-grade ethyl lactate of the highest purity, this solvent has a longstanding track record of optimizing microelectronic manufacturing and performance. Its EHS profile is among the best in the industry – PURASOLV® lactate esters are 100% biobased, readily biodegradable, and environmentally friendly.

But we don't stop there. At Corbion, we are continually looking to improve PURASOLV®'s specifications and efficacy – helping you to stay ahead of evolving industry standards.


Product quality and performance

We understand that in the microelectronics industry, stringent quality and safety standards must be met, which is why all of our products are reliably high-quality and supported by our expert technical service team.

Take PURASOLV® ELECT and ELECT Ultra, for example. Combining low-metal specifications with rigorous Statistical Process Control (SPC), these solutions provide consistency across all product parameters.


Quality assurance and services

Corbion customers can always count on receiving the best products and services. We put thorough quality controls to ensure consistency and guaranteed batch traceability throughout our entire sourcing and solvent production process.

Our clean room sample processing and analytics are backed by dedicated technical and quality assurance support, helping you to overcome any obstacle. And we proactively pursue co-creation and customization projects to ensure our products and solutions deliver exactly what's needed.


Security of supply

Thanks to our integrated supply chain, we provide reliable security of supply – with lactic acid manufacturing facilities on four continents. Let us support your operations and deliver consistent product quality across the world with our global supply chain.

We're committed to Business Continuity Planning (BCP), employing multiple sourcing, and stock keeping strategies. This means we are reliable and always expect the unexpected – so we're always at your side when you need us.

Lactate ester-based solvents for advanced microelectronics applications

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