Lactic acid-based hygiene ingredients

Personal hygiene and effective surface cleaning and disinfecting have taken on a new level of importance – even urgency – since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Powerful sanitizers

Frequent handwashing is the first line of defense against viral threats like COVID-19.

But many disinfecting hand rubs and surface sprays contain high levels (>70%) of alcohol, which tends to dry out the skin with frequent use. As a result, there is a greater demand for sanitizing solutions that contain lower alcohol levels, yet still deliver disinfection efficacy.

PURAC® Sanilac is a powerful sanitizer and hand soap ingredient that makes such solutions possible.


Safe, environmentally friendly human hygiene products

PURAC® Sanilac is a safe, effective sanitizer ingredient that kills the COVID-19 virus while being non-toxic for people and the planet. Derived from lactic acid, it is already BPR approved for use in the EU, an advantage that can speed your development process.

Suitable for hand sanitizers, hand soap formulations, and disinfectant surface sprays, PURAC® Sanilac eliminates germs in conjunction with ethanol content as low as 40%, and helps create products that evaporate quickly and have a milder effect on the skin and planet. The result enables formulators to nearly double the yield of their sanitizing products.


Natural, yet powerful disinfectants

Today's consumers want sanitizer ingredients and hand soap formulations that deliver good hygiene while being safe for the planet. Disinfectants that are both highly effective and readily biodegradable are widely perceived as sustainable, a quality that's important to many shoppers.

PURAC® Sanilac is produced by fermentation, providing manufacturers with a fully biobased antiviral active for disinfecting products. We continue innovating, however, to further optimize the natural processes we use, and to ensure that our solutions are as sustainable and resource-efficient as possible. As a result, PURAC® Sanilac has a very low carbon footprint.

In addition to being biobased, PURAC® Sanilac is non-toxic for the environment and humans, and has been granted Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) status. It does not sensitize skin and is a safe alternative to many traditional biocides.


Antiviral effectiveness

PURAC® Sanilac's effective antiviral properties stem from several mechanisms that act on a wide variety of viruses, including COVID-19, at different life cycle stages.

The antiviral effectiveness of PURAC® Sanilac has been validated against the EN 14476 European standard, which defines requirements for assessing the antiviral activity of consumer and I&I cleaning products.

To see examples of formulations incorporating PURAC® Sanilac, download our hand sanitizing gel and hand soap formulation guidelines. And when you're ready, request a product sample.

Lactic acid-based hygiene ingredients

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