Sustainable, high performance biobased solutions for coatings

Increasingly stringent legislation is causing growing interest in more sustainable, bio-based raw materials for coatings with reduced VOC levels.

PURALACT® B3 lactide for alkyd resins

Our lactide-based monomer PURALACT® B3 is unique.

It boosts resin and coating performance in areas like scratch resistance, while lowering the resin viscosity in solvent borne systems. The result is lower VOC systems with a reduced carbon footprint.

PURALACT® B3 is a high purity bio-based cyclic di-ester monomer derived from sugar fermentation that can be incorporated in almost any resin that contains monomers with free hydroxyl end groups. It can also be used in polycondensation, as well as ring-opening polymerization reactions.

A cost-effective solution, PURALACT® B3 can be formulated in coating resins using existing production processes. And with a faster drying time, we can help you enhance coating quality and improve productivity.

With PURALACT® B3, we can create sustainable, high performance, and cost-effective solutions together for the coatings sector.

Alkyd resins containing Corbion’s PURALACT® B3 monomer deliver improved resin and coating performance as well as lower VOC and CO2 footprint. With PURALACT® B3, you can:

  • Reduce environmental impact - PURALACT® B3 is the ideal renewable building block to formulate your sustainable resin, allowing a reduced CO2 footprint

  • Lower viscosity and reduce VOC levels - formulating your resin with PURALACT® B3 will result in lowering the resin and paint viscosity

  • Ensure excellent aesthetics and UV durability - resins containing PURALACT® B3 have an excellent appearance, improved initial gloss, and gloss retention over time

  • Benefit from shorter drying time and a fast return to service - data shows that PURALACT® B3 can significantly reduce coating drying time, a key benefit translating into faster application of the second paint layer, and protection against spoilage caused by dirt, dust particles, etc.

PURALACT® B3 lactide for saturated polyester resins

Saturated polyester resins formulated with our PURALACT® B3 monomer deliver improved performance, cost-economics, and a lower environmental impact. In addition to its greener environmental credentials, PURALACT® B3 also ensures:

  • An improved coating yield, while reducing VOC levels – by lowering the resin and paint viscosity with PURALACT® B3, you can formulate high solid systems and reduce VOCs. Another tangible benefit of a lower viscosity system is the improvement of yield, resulting in reduced cost in use

  • Improved hardness and flexibility - the use of PURALACT® B3 allows an increase in coating hardness while retaining coating flexibility. This means improved scratch resistance without brittleness, so this additive is particularly suitable for coil coating applications where flexibility is desired to shape the coating.


If you have any questions about our PURALACT® B3 solution, or if you'd like to discuss your technical requirements in more detail, get in touch with the team today.


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