Solvent for nail polish remover

Corbion's PURASOLV EL is a greener, gentler solvent that provides a milder, yet effective, alternative to acetone in nail polish removers.

With conscious consumerism reshaping the beauty industry, makers of personal care products are shifting to greener formulas that help skin and hair look their best without posing risks to overall health. This challenge is particularly acute in the nail care space, where formulators are looking for a milder alternative to acetone or ethyl acetate that help keep nails and surrounding skin healthy, and are highly effective at dissolving varnish while moisturizing nail beds.

Ethyl lactate for biobased nail polish remover

Corbion's PURASOLV EL, based on ethyl lactate, enables formulators to use a solvent in a nail polish remover formulation more environmentally friendly and safer in use. This 100% natural, non-toxic solvent has ECOCERT/COSMOS approval and can be used in vegan formulations.

The olfactory factor

Despite the efficacy of acetone-based formulations, they carry an odor many find strong and unappealing. PURASOLV EL has a much milder smell compared to acetone, which makes more easily compatible with essential oils and natural fragrances.

 A green solvent milder to the skin

With consumers demanding greater transparency regarding what's in the products they purchase, ingredient choice is extremely important for formulators. For this reason, alternative solvents that evaporate quickly without drying out the nail bed are needed; drying the nail bed leads to nail weakness and breakage, disrupts the integrity of cuticles, and dehydrates the skin around the nails. But Corbion's PURASOLV EL has a milder and friendlier effect on the skin; it will not, for instance, leave stains when applied to nails as acetone and ethyl acetate can. As a derivative of lactic acid produced via fermentation, PURASOLV EL serves as a greener and safer alternative to conventional acetone- or ethyl acetate-based nail polish removers. Among the benefits PURASOLV EL offers are:

  • Greater environmental friendliness
  • Safer due to lower flammability
  • Mild smell
  • Milder effect on skin and nails
  • 100% natural Vegan
  • ECOCERT/COSMOS certification
  • Comparable performance

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