Solutions for sweet baked goods

People celebrating birthdays, holidays, weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions count on sharing special baked goods when making sweet memories. To be sure their products don't let anyone down, bakers count on Corbion for solutions that help them deliver sweet satisfaction every time.


Sweet good gurus

For more than 100 years, Corbion has helped large-scale commercial bakers and in-store bakeries overcome the functional challenges involved in creating and distributing sweet baked goods. Our rich history, advanced knowledge of food ingredients, experience in application development, and scientific creativity—not to mention our deep appreciation for sweet baked goods—enable us to develop sustainable solutions that ensure your products will deliver the highest in quality, freshness, and flavor.


Quality ingredients

From cakes and muffins to sweet dough and Danish -- and everything in between -- Corbion solutions make it easy for professional bakers to create the consistently irresistible treats consumers love. Whatever your production or baking environment, Corbion can help you deliver high-quality, great-tasting products that stay fresh and moist from the oven to the plate. Our proven solutions can also improve tolerance and ensure the consistency of your sweet goods, so your customers get the same sweet eating experience every time.


Keeping it fresh

By a wide margin, texture and taste are the most influential sensory cues for consumers when it comes to judging the freshness of sweet goods. Corbion's versatile portfolio provides options that help balance your desire to achieve specific aspects of performance with consumers’ desire for enjoyable indulgence. You’ll gain a superior, lasting freshness advantage that can provide additional selling opportunities, as well as product quality that prevails even through freeze-thaw cycles.


Delivering consistency

In production and in your final product, no one likes surprises; consistency is key. Our extensive portfolio of emulsifiers, functional systems, and sweet good blends helps give your doughs and batters the flexibility and tolerance you need to easily and efficiently create luxuriously delicious treats your customers will want to experience again and again.


Multifaceted value

The bakery experts at Corbion work side by side with you to:

  • Optimize flavor—Ensuring that your customers get the same delicious experience every time

  • Extend shelf life—Enhancing the tolerance, handling, and storage stability of your products

  • Simplify ingredients—Appealing to consumers’ growing preference for foods made with ingredients they understand

  • Improve efficiencies—Increasing production uptime and reducing product and material waste

  • Decrease costs—Delivering the highest degree of quality at a price point that widens your audience

Sweet goods and snack cake solutions

Brownies manufactured in bakery.
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