Bakery toppings and inclusions

Lovers of baked goods, both sweet and not-so-sweet, can always relish a soft, flavorful bite, a perfectly crusty loaf, or a moist, delicious crumb in their favorite products. But often, it's that extra crunch, luxurious icing, or tasty morsel added on top or inside that gives one product that unforgettable edge over another.

Corbion offers a wide variety of icings, fillings, toppings, and ingredient inclusions to help bakers craft distinctive breads and sweet goods that look and taste delicious.


Flavor blends

Today's consumers are hungry for options when purchasing bakery products. While many still enjoy traditional flavors, more and more are looking to experiment with flavorful combinations that spice up meals and delight taste buds. Now you can meet those expectations using Corbion's Meister line of flavor blends. These dry blends of herbs and spices, vegetables, and specially milled grains are easy to incorporate into your current formulations for breads, rolls, bagels, and tortillas.


Pre-soaked grains and seeds

Adding extra grains to baked goods used to mean extra time and hassle for bakers. But Corbion makes enhancing your products easy. Our pre-soaked, pre-cooked grains eliminate time-consuming steps for you, and they won't steal moisture essential to the quality of your baked goods. Because they are already hydrated, they won't accelerate staling and reduce the shelf life of your product. These versatile, ready-to-use grains can be added directly into existing formulas or on top prior to baking so you can create multiple new varieties without the expense of reformulation. Whatever you choose to bring to market, the result will offer delicious flavor and an irresistible crunch. Added to the top crust or baked inside, our pre-soaked grains transform plain baked goods into rustic, artisan-style favorites. Whether shoppers are looking for added nutrition or are focused on avoiding particular ingredients, they will love that these whole and ancient grains are non-GMO and preservative-free.


Icings and glazes

Your customers want a premium baked goods experience, and our icings and fillings can help you deliver it. Corbion's portfolio of high-quality, versatile solutions makes it easy for you to make your customers happy:

  • Our range of boil-up stabilizers for icings and glazes keep baked items looking fresh.

  • Our premium finishes, from pastry glazes to rich, flavored icings, add distinctiveness and a touch of indulgence.

  • Our customizable options let you create the perfect filling or inclusion for your product.

  • Our simplified icings enable you to provide the simple ingredients your customers are looking for.

Toppings and Inclusions

Swwet baked goods with icing and filling.

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