Tortilla and flatbread solutions

All tortillas are not created equal, and consumers know it. The more they enjoy these versatile baked goods, the more they expect from them. To be sure you deliver on all the aspects of quality consumers demand from today's tortillas or flatbreads, partner with Corbion.

We bring the same level of expertise, experience, and partnership to makers of high-quality tortillas and flatbreads that we're known for across the baking industry. Our team goes the extra mile to help you improve processing, products, and profitability. Whether your goal is to create a product that's tastier, fresher, better performing, or simpler, with Corbion on your side, that's what you'll get.

Our in-house testing facilities and nationwide technical support team give you a competitive advantage. And because we understand how much you have riding on what actually happens on the production floor, our technical support team is ready to be there with you to make sure our solutions deliver the results you're looking for. That added expert support can make all the difference in maximizing your uptime and minimizing product and material waste.


Consistent quality and reduced waste

Leaning on Corbion's expertise and broad portfolio of ingredient solutions, tortilla manufacturers can overcome some of their biggest challenges, whether they are related to freshness, flexibility, or sticking problems. Our anti-stick technology helps ensure that the tortilla on the bottom of the stack will be just as usable as the one on the top. Too much stickiness can result in tearing that renders tortillas unusable and creates waste for you and/or your customers. We help create optimal flexibility in tortillas so they can roll without tearing and being discarded. Corbion solutions enable you to deliver consistent quality, freshness, and performance, whether you're using a conventional formulation, label-friendly ingredients, or even non-GMO components. Whatever market segment you want to target, our experts can provide the right solution to achieve your vision.


Freshness that lasts

Repeat purchases depend on the experience your customers have with your product. If suppertime comes and your tortillas taste stale, or have lost their soft texture, or are difficult to separate without tearing, those customers may not give you another chance. Solutions in Corbion's Ultra Fresh® and Verdad® portfolios help ensure that your products will retain all the attributes of freshness your customers expect. When you protect the shelf life of your tortillas and flatbreads, you protect the quality of your customers' eating experience as well as your bottom line.


Tastes that delight

For bakers looking for a way to differentiate their tortillas and flatbreads in the market, Corbion offers a range of Meister blends, whole grain blends, and a variety of inclusions that can give your product unique appeal. These additions not only provide a look and texture that make your tortillas stand out from the crowd, they can also enhance their perceived value in terms of nutrient content.
Our portfolio of capabilities helps you:

  • Reduce stickiness and tearing

  • Achieve excellent rollability

  • Create label-friendly formulations

  • Differentiate your products using Meister and whole grain blends and inclusions

  • Prolong product freshness and inhibit mold

Tortillas and flatbread


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