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Comprehensive ingredient solutions for the fast-moving global confectionery market.

At Corbion, sugar is in our blood. We started life as NV Centrale Suiker Maatschappij - a sugar processing company - and it was there that our expertise and passion for candy was born. Today, we offer comprehensive ingredient solutions for the fast-moving global confectionery market. No matter how complex the challenge, or however visionary your idea is, we respond with solutions that leverage the power of nature.

Innovative flavors, unexpected textures, sugar-free options - today's candy aficionados want it all. At Corbion, we focus on helping you stay ahead of the curve with solutions that answer market demands - often when they've only just begun to emerge! Across hard and soft applications, our portfolio exists to support your sugar confectionery product development, whether your focus is on boosting nutrition, optimizing emulsification, or enhancing shelf life, taste, and texture.


Assistance that makes a difference

We have the expertise and solutions portfolio to help you with some of the most important challenges you face:

  • Our acids and buffers are designed to help maintain the desired structure and texture in your confectionery product, while avoiding the dreaded stickiness caused by sugar inversion.

  • Corbion's acid powders are formulated to help you achieve the sour flavor profile and intensity you want.

  • We provide calcium lactate and other highly soluble, flavor-neutral mineral lactates and gluconates that help augment your confectionery with a nutritional component.

For more than a century, we have been helping confectioners create products that candy lovers fall in love with. Learn more about how Corbion can help you with everything from fortification to shelf life, taste, texture, and a real "wow" factor with our label-friendly confectionery solutions.

Check out the solutions we've developed specifically for confectioners, or find more details regarding the value we bring to the applications below.

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