Solutions for soft confectionery

Within the fast-moving global confectionery industry, soft candy has never been more popular. 

Within the fast-moving global confectionery industry, soft candy has never been more popular. Expected to grow at a 5% CAGR by 2024, the segment is benefitting from significant consumer demand for creative flavors and textures. 

Known for its expertise across the full range of soft sweets – from chews to jellies – Corbion is perfectly positioned to support candy manufacturers in creating high-quality soft candy products with a wide range of innovative ingredient solutions.

For superior sour gummies and jellies, for example, Corbion offers solutions in its PURAC® portfolio that enhance flavor and quality both outside and inside your candy product.


Stability and sanding

For stability you can count on throughout your product's life on the shelf, our PURAC® Powder can play an invaluable role in your formulation. Offering your acid-sanded candy the ideal, long-lasting sour kick it requires without sacrificing fruity flavor or structure – even in hot or humid conditions – this lactic acid-based solution will help keep your product dry and looking great.

Our PURAC® liquid specialties are also a must-have for confectioners: buffered acids that help candies retain gel strength, resulting in a firmer texture and reducing gelatin content by as much as 7 percent. This advantage, combined with their ability to help you achieve optimal texture and stability without sacrificing flavor, creates a win-win for you and your customers.

Working with Corbion also means having access to our predictive modeling tools, which help you streamline your innovation and production processes and develop the highest quality, differentiated products before anyone else.


Avoiding stickiness

Corbion can also help you prevent excessive stickiness in your soft confectionery products, which can be problematic in terms of both the processing and eating qualities. Our mono/diglycerides and distilled monoglycerides disperse fat evenly, helping to structure available water and delay the recrystallization of starch or fat. By optimizing the surface of the finished product and improving lubrication, problems in production lines can be averted, and consumers can enjoy a softer, chewier end product that won't stick to the wrapper or their teeth.

The candy world never sleeps. Get in touch to discover how we can help keep your soft confectionery products ahead of the curve.

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Solutions for soft confectionery

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