Freshness solutions for pet foods

Prolonging product freshness with naturally derived solutions in a range of pet food applications is key to ensuring your customer's satisfaction as well as your business efficiency. Reducing product waste not only helps you build greater brand equity and win the loyalty of pet parents, it reduces your material, manufacturing, and distribution costs.

According to proprietary research conducted by Corbion in 2019, 75% of consumers who regularly purchase commercial, packaged pet food and treats review the product label for ingredients.

When deciding which pet food products to purchase, pet owners are looking for simple labeling and even human-grade ingredients for their pets. To address concerns about mold growth in high-moisture formulations as well as vulnerability to Salmonella outgrowth, Corbion offers a range of freshness and preservation solutions that get the job done while keeping the ingredient label simple.

Turning the vision for your product into reality requires ingredient solutions that deliver the physical, nutritional, and sensory qualities you want, while achieving the processing performance your business needs. Corbion focuses on helping you make it all happen.


Natural mold protection

In an accelerated study, Corbion's Certeza™ Powder 750 was proven to rival the effectiveness of potassium sorbate for inhibiting mold in a high-moisture pet treat, allowing manufacturers to confidently shorten drying times, expand moisture levels, and improve finished product texture – all while reducing the complexity of their product's ingredient list.

Vinegar, a natural source of acetic acid, is quite effective against spoilage organisms and pathogens, and is commonly used in natural processed meat products, including pet foods.
We offer effective solutions that help you maintain freshness and appealing color by delaying fat oxidation and microbial spoilage, which also prevents the formation of off-flavors and odors.


Solving freshness challenges that matter

Staying ahead of product spoilage can help you increase customer loyalty and avoid problems that lead to product waste. Our Certeza™ Powder 755 helps you control mold in baked pet treats with a natural solution that rivals traditional solutions like sorbate, which many consumers dislike seeing on an ingredient list.
In addition, Corbion's new Origin™ antioxidant freshness solutions can help achieve longer shelf life in pet foods by slowing oxidation. And we're developing more natural solutions all the time.

Talk with a Corbion expert. Let us help find the pet food solution that's right for you.

Freshness solutions for pet foods

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