Ingredients for savory snacks

Snacking has become a key feature of food consumption patterns worldwide, and Corbion understands both the opportunities and the challenges inherent in this fast-paced and highly competitive sector. Our ingredient solutions for savory snacks have been developed on the basis of deep market understanding, broad practical experience, and a true appreciation of what makes savory snack products successful. For us, it's about anticipating consumer trends and collaborating with customers to help them stay at the forefront of innovation and keep consumers coming back for more.

Created to meet all of your needs in the savory snacking space, Corbion’s biobased snack ingredient solutions are formulated to enhance your products in a number of different ways. Our flagship PURAC® portfolio of all-natural lactic acids facilitates flavor enhancement and improves the texture of savory snacks, giving them that extra crunch consumers are attracted to in products they return to again and again.  

In addition to helping you perfect the look and feel of your product, our PURACAL® solution also supports acrylamide reduction in potato-based snacks by up to 70% and aids with fat reduction in deep fried products.  

Explore our snack ingredients portfolio and find out how we can help naturally optimize the sensory experience your customers have when they enjoy your savory snacks .  

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