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As the global population grows, so do the food production challenges. One of these challenges is the imbalance of fats in human diets. Today, we only get half the daily monounsaturated fat we need and consume almost twice the amount of saturated fat that is recommended. 

At the same time, the demand for sustainable ingredients is growing by the minute. The growing demand and scarcity of natural resources add complexity to this challenge. Innovation is a key element to promote human health with sustainable ingredients, taking food further. And innovating with algae as a source of good monounsaturated fat that can replace sources of saturated fat to help maintain health opens a new frontier for food and beverage scientists. 

AlgaVia™ Algae Oils are vegan, certified sustainable, and a great source of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, with neutral in flavor, low saturated fat, zero trans-fat, and zero cholesterol. In addition, our oils are made with natural algae grown under controlled conditions, so minimal land, water, or fertilizer is required for production. 

By using AlgaVia™ Algae Oil, food manufacturers can develop foods and beverages with reduced saturated fat content, enhance the nutritional profile, and improve functionality from more fiber and algal protein content, restoring the balance for consumers.


Why Algae?

In nature, microalgae are at the base of the food chain and the original source of oils. 

To meet the production challenges and growing demand of sustainable nutrition, microalgae fermentation plays a strategic role as we access its naturally original source.

We're pioneering a new way to create algae-based oils that are sustainable, having high performance nutrition and functionality. The algae naturally convert renewable plant sugars to oil in just a few days. The result is an oil with a unique profile and no waste - the leftover algae can be used for renewable energy and many other uses.


A unique profile

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AlgaVia™ Algae Oils have a unique profile - with high levels of monounsaturated fat and low levels of saturated fat (75% less saturated fat than olive oil and avocado oil), just one tablespoon of AlgaVia™ Algae Oils provides 13g of monounsaturated fat, the same amount found in one whole avocado (25% more good fat than olive oil and avocado oil).

AlgaVia™ High Stability Algae Oil - Extremely low level of polyunsaturates delivers exceptional stability

AlgaVia™ Ultra Omega-9 Algae Oil (WCCO/ HSHO) - Offers the lowest saturated fat content on the market, with high smoke point for cooking


Promoting Human Health 

Nutritious – Highest level of monounsaturated fats and 75% less saturated fat than olive oil and avocado oil*

Replacing saturated fat with sources of monounsaturated fat can help maintain heart health and healthy blood pressure*, as well as helping to maintain healthy blood sugar levels*. For more information about health benefits and evaluation of healthcare costs savings with monounsaturated-rich oils and food products, click here.

Health benefits and evaluation of healthcare cost savings if oils rich in monounsaturated fatty acids were substituted for conventional dietary oils in the United States | Nutrition Reviews | Oxford Academic (


Flexible in fitting different applications

Neutral profile – Light, neutral flavor profile, with no off-taste letting food and beverage flavors shine through

Ideal over high heat –  AlgaVia™ Algae Oil has the highest level of monounsaturated fat of any cooking oil, it is more stable at high temperatures, with a high smoke point (up to 251°C) and the right choice for sautéing, stir frying, searing, roasting and grilling. 

Ideal for frying, bakery, margarines and spreads, spray coatings, sauces and dressings, culinary oil and oil extender and enhancer.

Enabling sustainable nutrition

Sustainable - AlgaVia™ Algae Oils are sustainably produced using renewable energy and cane sugar as a feedstock. This results in low carbon, water, and land use impact. 
Clean - AlgaVia™ Algae Oils microalgae are grown in closed fermentation tanks and do not contain the persistent organic pollutants.
At Scale – In our efforts to help businesses meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, we designed our production sites with ample capacity to facilitate rapid growth for the next decade, with programs for de-bottlenecking and process optimization to improve output.
Reliable - AlgaVia™ Algae Oils provides supply chain resilience, reducing complexity with on-demand production without the constraints of geography, seasonality, and changing climate conditions.

Microalgae production powered by renewable energy.

Sustainable production 

In our efforts to taking food further with sustainable nutrition and meet today and tomorrow's challenges, we designed our production facilities to deliver an advanced level of sustainability in the way we create microalgae-based tailored oils, offering low carbon water and land-use impacts.

To make AlgaVia™ Algae Oils, microalgae are grown in closed fermentation tanks where they transform renewable, sustainable, plant-based sugars into algae containing rich oil in a matter of days. 

Our facility is strategically located among sugar cane fields in Brazil and next door to a sugar cane mill. Compared to other sugars sources such as corn and wheat, the sugar cane used to produce AlgaVia™ Algae Oils it's one of the world's most productive sugar sources, resulting in practical innovation that is sustainable, affordable, and at scale. 

Moreover, the sugar cane waste is used as a renewable source of energy that fully powers the sugar mill and our algae facility. 

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