Corbion solutions help beverage makers create products with the taste, mouthfeel, shelf life, and nutritional profile they know consumers are thirsty for.

Refreshing, thirst-quenching solutions

No matter how creative and appealing your beverage concept, the success of your product in the market depends on how well the concept is realized.

In short, it must be delicious, deliver value and stay fresh long enough to be thoroughly enjoyed. Helping you achieve it all is our specialty at Corbion.

Solutions that fit

Getting the acidification of your beverage just right is key to creating people-pleasing flavors, and with the mild sourness of our PURAC® FIT Plus lactic acid, drinks can have the specific taste and longer shelf life you want them to have. Beyond beverage preservation, enhancing beverage nutrition through fortification can add value to your product, particularly when marketing to health-conscious consumer segments. Our PURACAL® range, for instance, lets you craft a tasty thirst-quencher enriched with calcium that has a luxurious mouthfeel and is free of sediment. Our PURASAL® potassium lactate ingredient lets you add natural electrolytes without adding an overly salty flavor.

A little extra help

Developing new beverage products is a time-intensive process requiring numerous iterations of testing and formulation adjustments. That's why Corbion developed some useful tools to help you streamline R&D and bring your beverage to market faster. By quickly handling complex calculations based on your input, you can reach your end goal while spending less time and money.

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