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Nutritious beverages? It’s in the mix!

Nutrivan™ is our custom portfolio of vitamin, mineral, and electrolyte premixes. Tailored to your unique needs, it helps you fortify your beverages while benefitting from reduced time, cost, and inconvenience in your production environment. A good mix indeed…

Corbion’s Nutrivan line of vitamin and mineral premixes fortify a wide range of beverages, including juices, sports drinks, and energy drinks. Our pre-mixes are completely customizable, allowing you to create truly unique products that deliver what they promise. With consumers increasingly looking to get more nutrition from their beverages - from flavored milk to sports drinks - our Nutrivan premixes help you get healthy products to market faster.

Nutritional premixes for easy processing

Choose our proven premixes and the quality and reliability is assured in every batch (including small batch blending). You can benefit from one of our many already-developed blends – or our experienced beverage fortification team can custom-make a blend for your unique needs, aided by our unique analysis capabilities.

Free Nutrivan™ product sample?

Our beverage fortification team is eager to develop a custom-made blend for you. Please send an email to and we'll be in touch with you shortly to send you the best possible product sample our Nutrivan™ range has to offer.

*currently only available in the USA

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