PURAC® Sanilac: an antimicrobial active for safer, greener veterinary environments

As livestock production grows to meet the world’s increasing demand for animal protein, so do threats posed by animal disease and human pathogens.

With those risks mounting, producers are moving to align with tightening regulations and curb potential outbreaks by ensuring hygienic veterinary environments through solutions that are sustainable, non-toxic, and cost-effective. 

Introducing PURAC® Sanilac, an effective sanitizing ingredient that helps create cleaner, safer, healthier veterinary environments for animals and the people who work around them.


High-grade antibacterial efficacy

PURAC ® Sanilac is an antimicrobial agent ingredient that can be used in disinfectant solutions for veterinary environments. It is proven to be particularly effective against gram-positive bacteria and many enveloped viruses, while being safe and non-toxic for both animals and humans.   

In accordance with European requirements, the sanitation performance of PURAC® Sanilac is backed by test standard formulation on key pathogens for farm sanitization (Standard EN1276 / 13697 (Ee. Coli / S. aureus / S. suis / C. perfringens / S. typhimurium), and virus test EN14476 (PRRS / Bird flu).

Derived from lactic acid, PURAC® Sanilac has been BPR-approved for use in the EU (PT3 registered) and is EPA-compliant in the US.


Excellent performance and flexibility

Tests have demonstrated that in a standard spray formulation PURAC® Sanilac can deliver antimicrobial efficacy within 1 to 5 minutes of contact time. 

In addition, this agent also offers versality, being just as well suited for use in formulations for trigger sprays and aerosol sprays, foam and non-spray solutions, which helps make your sanitation processes more efficient in terms of both time and costs. 

To learn more about the benefits of using PURAC® Sanilac in veterinary environments and other applications get in touch with a member of Corbion’s team of experts to discuss your specific requirements in greater detail.

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