A greener coating solution without butyl glycol

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability and ever-tightening regulatory demands, the coatings industry faces critical challenges. The need for a biobased solvent like PURASOLV® BL to replace butyl glycol (also known as ethylene glycol butyl ether (EGBE)), in coil, can and other coatings is more acute than ever. To the forefront of this eco-revolution comes PURASOLV® BL, a green, non-toxic solvent offering multiple advantages.

Sustainability at its core

PURASOLV® BL is more than just a solvent; it's a green solution. Responding to the demand for carbon footprint reduction, this green solvent offers a lower environmental impact compared to petroleum-based alternatives like butyl glycol. Biobased PURASOLV® BL allows formulators to replace hazardous solvents like glycols while retaining remarkable solvency power for a range of resins, from epoxy to acrylics and polyesters. Customers for whom sustainability is a key concern can access a full Life Cycle Assessment report, including carbon footprint, to validate their selection of PURASOLV® BL.

Elevating functionality

Delivering excellent functionality in a broad range of applications, PURASOLV® BL is highly effective in dissolving various resins, giving you flexibility in formulation. It is miscible with a variety of solvents like aromatics, glycols and other hydrocarbons. It helps differentiate your products in a crowded market by offering a non-toxic and green alternative to harmful solvents, such as ethylene glycol butyl ether, and eliminates worries about regulatory barriers that could potentially take your products off the market. PURASOLV® BL meets today's requirements and opens doors to sustainable formulations.


PURASOLV BL properties


PURASOLV BL Hansen solubility Parameters


Meeting regulatory demands with ease

Regulatory affairs can present stumbling blocks in the coatings industry. PURASOLV® BL, however, facilitates the continuity of your formulations and supports accessibility to new applications, all while reducing the risk of discontinued products due to future bans on hazardous solvents. For example, butyl glycol (EGBE) is a widely used solvent in the coatings industry today, but its labeling in the EU will change in November 2023 due to new information on the acute inhalation toxicity of EGBE. As a result, all products containing EGBE will obtain a ‘GHS toxicity symbol’ on packaging. In many applications, PURASOLV® BL can be used as replacement solvent. It's not regulated as dangerous goods, requires no special transportation, and is non-flammable, which reduces production complexity.

PURASOLV® BL is a future-proof solvency solution offering outstanding sustainability, functionality, and regulatory complianceWant to know more? Download the product data document here or contact us to request a sample in here.

Other applications

Versatile PURASOLV® BL also supports the sustainable production of healthier, stronger field crops. As an OMRI-certified solutionit provides superior solvency for creating efficient, high-performance agrochemical formulations. Learn more about our agrochemical solutions here.



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