Innovative polymers for cutting-edge medical devices

Innovation lives at the heart of Corbion.

We have been finessing our polymer development expertise for over 45 years, supplying customers with the latest polymer innovations.

With every new creation, we are another step closer to our joint goal: improving patients' lives. 

That's why a core component of our biomaterials portfolio is polymers for medical devices. –  With our resorbable polymer technology, we aim to help shape healthcare in applications like implants and orthopedics. 

Our readily available polymers and flexible, yet dependable, supply chain ensure our customers have all the tools they need for medical device success. Plus, we encourage collaboration with our co-development partners, sharing everything from in-depth chemistry knowledge to regulatory expertise, to help accelerate your products' routes to market.

Let's make your ideas a reality. Discover the right polymer for your medical device: Advancing orthopedic medical devices with polymers

Performance and reliability are key when it comes to orthopedic medical devices – especially with a rapidly aging population. Our cutting edge PURASORB® polymers are highly biocompatible and biodegradable, making them the perfect fit for resorbable orthopedic devices and implants. Ideal for a wide variety of musculoskeletal issues in areas like sports medicine, trauma, and spinal surgery, they also meet a diverse range of design and processing criteria -for a seamless journey from idea to industry. 

Sustainable healing with tissue regeneration applications

Translating our experience into the field of tissue regeneration, we can advise on the perfect polymer from the PURASORB® range to suit specific tissue regeneration needs. As all our polymers are biodegradable, they work well in the development of tissue regeneration scaffolds, helping to support the natural healing process. It's not just good news for the patient, either - the material can be processed by several techniques from extrusion, injection molding, to the latest innovations in 3D-printing.. It is also compatible with different sterilization methods, for improved flexibility. 

Developing surgery-free cosmetic treatments

Demand is growing for cosmetic treatments, and surgery-free procedures especially. Our innovative polymer technology can be used to create safe, minimally invasive cosmetic injections and fillers – while all the time, ensuring efficacy. As a biodegradable excipient they help active ingredients lift sections of the face, for example, without needing surgery or a hospital stay. 

Wound management – naturally 

Biodegradable and biobased, our PURASORB® polymers promote natural wound management and healing via safe and effective surgical and other fiber-based products. They are extremely flexible and can be used in synthetic resorbable mono- and multi-filaments. What's more, our leading polymers can be processed using a range of techniques, including extrusion, fiber-spinning, braiding, and coating processes.

Interested? For more information on Corbion's polymers for medical devices, download our brochure. 

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