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Corbion sustainable solutions help create high-performing resins and coatings that also result in lower VOC systems and a reduced carbon footprint.

PURALACT® B3 for coating resins: Expect more!

The unique product properties of our monomer PURALACT® B3 boost resin and coating performance in areas like scratch resistance and adhesion - while lowering the resin viscosity in solvent borne systems at the same time, for lower VOC systems with reduced carbon footprint.

With PURALACT® B3, resin formulators can expect excellent and durable coating aesthetics.

Corbion is bringing an answer to the demand for sustainable, high performance and cost-effective raw materials with renewable building block: PURALACT B3

PURALACT® B3 is a unique, high purity bio-based cyclic di-ester monomer derived from sugar fermentation that can be incorporated in almost any resin that contains monomers with free hydroxyl end groups. PURALACT® B3 can be used in polycondensation  as well as ring-opening polymerization reactions. Corbion’s PURALACT B3 can be incorporated in coating resins, in a cost competitive manner, using existing production processes.


Corbion's coating news

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  • Click here to read an technical article published in ECJ magazine (June 2016) about 'How lactide can reduce drying time and allow increased solids of alkyd coatings'.
  • Click here to read an technical article publised (online channel of PCI magazine - April 2013) about 'Improved saturated polyester and alkyd coatings'.


Corbion as your solution partner

Corbion is the expert in incorporating Lactide in resin systems, for which PURALACT B3 is the commercially-available, optimized grade for the coatings market. We have in-house expertise with regards to resin synthesis, coating formulation, and - application know-how, as well as in-house capabilities to help resin- formulators to get the best performance out of PURALACT B3. 

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