Our range of acids, buffers, and functional ingredients play a critical role in helping confectioners achieve the flavor differentiation and product stability that's crucial to capturing candy lovers' imaginations.

Natural solutions that balance your candy's must-haves

In today’s confectionery market, candy lovers follow flavors and textures more than anything.

Even the most renowned manufacturers can’t afford to rest on brand loyalty; they know that “he who innovates best wins.” Innovating best, however, means combining all the right attributes effectively.

As a leading supplier to the confectionery industry, Corbion has built a portfolio offering innovative solutions for both sourness and stability in hard sugar and soft sugar confectionery.  

Corbion’s formulation expertise and natural confectionery solutions can create the perfect balance of these and other attributes. Our portfolio includes:

  • Acids and buffers that help you maintain desirable structure and texture, and avoid product stickiness caused by sugar inversion.
  • Acid powders that deliver the perfect sour flavor intensity and flavor profile, as well as the superior product stability your customer’s experience depends on.
  • Calcium lactate and other highly soluble, flavor-neutral mineral lactates and gluconates that give your confectionery a nutrition advantage.

We’ve been helping confectioners create high-quality sweets for almost a century; our expertise, ingredient solutions and time-saving formulation calculators can give you exactly what you need to create a sensation in your target markets. 

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