Plant-based antioxidants

Antioxidants play a crucial role in slowing the natural process of oxidation, delaying rancidity and reducing color loss in meat products. Corbion leverages nature’s ability to preserve freshness with its Origin® portfolio of natural, consumer-friendly antioxidant solutions. These plant-based ingredients are all based on certified authentic, sustainably sourced, natural plant extracts, and applied with the knowledge and experience of world-class experts. 

Consumers focus on ingredient labels more than ever before, searching for familiar, ‘real’ ingredients instead of hard-to-pronounce synthetic alternatives. Using products in our Origin® portfolio, manufacturers can leverage the power of all-natural antioxidants such as rosemary, acerola, and green tea to deliver increased freshness and a product label their customers are comfortable with. 


Why rosemary and acerola? 

Rosemary is an outstanding natural antioxidant with an aromatic flavor that’s distinctive and pleasing. It acts to slow down the oxidation process in ground meats and cooked, processed meats – a natural process that causes them to lose their pink color and fresh flavor with time. 

However, while natural antioxidants do help delay the effects of oxidation, when used at a dosage level sufficient to deliver functional efficacy, they can often negatively impact the flavor of the product itself. That’s why Corbion developed its Origin® Powder RO2 – a unique and sustainably sourced, natural rosemary solution – to provide both a clean flavor and outstanding antioxidant functionality. 

Because RO2 was developed as a powder, it’s easy to use and integrate into existing formulations or processes. It also comes with an authenticity guarantee backed by carbon dating certification to ensure that what you (and your customers) get is 100% natural rosemary. 

As part of our antioxidant portfolio, we also offer Verdad® Powder AC34, a potent, natural and label-friendly acerola cherry extract. Rich in ascorbic acid, our acerola extract delays the formation of metmyoglobin pigment (an oxidative myoglobin that causes meat to brown) and allows it to retain its fresh red color longer. 

Acerola can also deliver a number of benefits in cured meat products. Nitrites or nitrates, along with other additives like salt and sugar, have traditionally been added to cured meats to extend shelf life and enhance flavor. Acerola extract, however, can serve as a natural cure accelerator to replace sodium erythorbate, or to ensure that celery powder is used efficiently and avoids processing delays. 

As part of our ongoing commitment to R&D and dedication to natural forms of preservation, we will continue to introduce new naturally derived antioxidant solutions offering benefits in specific applications.


Working with Corbion

Our primary aim in bringing decades of meat industry expertise and top-quality ingredients to our collaborative partnerships with customers is always to add value. The Origin® range, for instance, provides differentiating benefits that include processing improvements, certified authenticity, and sustainable sourcing. 

Corbion is committed to sustainable sourcing standards and practices in our work to create the many ingredient products in our broad portfolio. In fact, we received the Ecovadis Platinum Sustainability rating for 2021. 

Get in touch with our experts and learn what our Origin® portfolio can do for your business. Or explore our many meat industry solutions here.

Explore our many meat industry solutions here.

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