Solutions for natural preservation and food safety

Corbion offers industry-leading expertise in fermentation and preservation solutions for a wide variety of food products. For more than 80 years, we’ve been preserving the freshness and quality of meat and bakery products using innovative, biobased solutions, just as we do today in the chilled foods segment as well.

Fermentation is a natural process that’s been used effectively for centuries to create and preserve a variety of foods, and it continues to prove its worth in the modern global food industry. It not only works to protect food products from Listeria and other harmful pathogens, but can also be used to enhance flavor and improve texture.



Consumers are more label-conscious than ever in their search for ingredients they know and trust. Because Corbion’s portfolio of fermentation-based preservation solutions is naturally derived, it aligns with today’s stringent labeling requirements and consumer demands. Products from our Verdad® portfolio of ferments can appear on labels as simple, understandable ingredients such as cultured sugar, vinegar, sea salt, celery powder or pea protein. In many cases, they are as familiar as the contents of consumers’ own kitchen cupboards. 

Our vinegars are proven to keep food safe by suppressing the growth of pathogens and spoilage bacteria. A rich, natural source of acetic acid, vinegar can inhibit this growth for more than 100 days. We offer both liquid and powder solutions to support your specific formulation needs.

The Verdad® family of fermented/cultured sugar ingredients brings a truly unique blend of label-friendliness, safety, and extended shelf life to meat products, creating maximum consumer appeal. 

For top-shelf, multifunctional protection, our Opti.Form® portfolio of sodium and potassium lactate and (di)acetate blends provides unequaled Listeria control and while also improving yield, purge and texture.


Preservative power for baked goods

Our fermented ingredients are proven mold inhibitors in baked products, too. Naturally derived, Verdad® MP100 is a proprietary combination of vinegar and natural flavor that prevents mold growth as effectively as calcium propionate without impacting taste or adding complexity to the product’s label.

Cutting chemicals in chilled foods

Taste is all-important in chilled foods, soups, and dips, but so is safety. And for many consumers, so is having an understandable ingredient label. Corbion’s portfolio includes naturally derived shelf-life extenders for refrigerated foods that are highly effective against pathogens, versatile in application, multifunctional in use, and easy to understand. Learn more about solutions in the Verdad® range for deli-style foods and ready meals.

Working with Corbion

Thanks to our fermentation, microbiology and application expertise, Corbion offers you more than high-quality ingredient solutions. We deliver value to our customers; by improving the safety and freshness of products, we can significantly extend shelf life and even lower packaging and distribution costs. And by helping to reduce product returns, our Verdad® and Opti.Form® ingredients enable you to cut food waste. 

We also have used our knowledge and many years of research data to develop the Corbion Listeria Control Model, a predictive modeling tool that allows you to reduce the number of trials required to validate safety levels, saving both time and money in your product development efforts. This powerful and flexible online tool quickly projects Listeria growth in food formulations based on your specific product information. 

At Corbion, we believe customer partnerships and great products are keys to success. With our tools, formulation expertise and broad portfolio of proven ingredients working for you, your next innovative offering will have every advantage when you bring it to the market. 

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Find out more about our biobased solutions for your application.

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