Electrolytic fortification

Fortification is a great way for food manufacturers to create differentiated products, particularly in the beverages and dairy segments. Corbion fortification solutions make it easy to incorporate calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium, zinc or potassium electrolytes for added nutritional value that enables products to stand out on shop shelves. 

Specific populations often lack specific vital minerals in their diets, and the effects of such deficiencies become more obvious with time as those populations age. It’s important for these consumers a source for these minerals in foods and drinks they can access easily and enjoy regularly. 

Calcium, for instance, is well-known for its contribution to good dental and bone health. But with milk consumption falling, and rates of debilitating conditions like osteoporosis on the rise, fortification offers a convenient and reliable way to address nutrient deficiencies for people of all ages. The same goes for immunity, cardiovascular health, energy, muscle health, cognitive function and much more: minerals play a vital role in keeping us well. 

Corbion’s lactates and gluconates are derived purely from natural sources and designed to make storage, handling, dosing and incorporation into recipes easy, whether you’re creating
beverages, dairy products, candy or baked goods.


Benefits without compromise

The addition of minerals often can negatively impact taste or mouthfeel in finished products, especially when the purity of those minerals is low and causes addition levels to be high. At Corbion, the high quality of our minerals helps ensure that such issues are avoided, even in more challenging applications, like waters or delicately flavored yogurts.


Neutral flavor

In building our fortification ingredient portfolio, contributing a neutral or very mild flavor profile has been a key focus. PURACAL® XPro, for example, has been shown to have minimal impact on taste, compared to other calcium sources, while our liquid form PURASAL HiPure P Plus – designed specifically for sports drinks – is the cleanest-tasting potassium lactate available. Similarly, our PURAMEX magnesium and zinc lactates work as well, from a taste perspective, in everyday foods and drinks as they do in supplements.


Optimum mouthfeel

Thanks to their high solubility, our powdered fortification systems won’t leave grittiness in the mouth.


High bioavailability 

The nutrients in our fortification ingredients are highly bioavailable. And because mineral content in these ingredients is as high as 25%, a little goes a long way in creating your value-added products.



In beverages and dairy products, stability matters. That’s why our fortification systems have been fine-tuned to ensure they offer stability as well as minimal interaction with other ingredients, which means your product quality will remain highly stable overall throughout shelf life.


Rapid dissolution 

Shorter dissolution time facilitates more efficient processing. Corbion’s PURACAL® products dissolve quickly, which makes them easy to use when processing at lower manufacturing temperatures, and when blending in-line.


A portfolio of benefits

The calcium, sodium, zinc, magnesium, and potassium in our portfolio of fortification solutions deliver a wide array of benefits that can help you deliver enhanced nutrition in the format you choose, providing the experience your customers want.



Calcium electrolytes work to increase bone mineral content, support muscle contraction and replenish the salt lost through sweat.  PURACAL® PP is a calcium lactate with 14% mineral content that is particularly well-suited for use in acidified dairy and yogurt drinks.

PURACAL XPro is a calcium lactate gluconate with a mineral content of 13%. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a fortification solution offering high solubility. 

PURACAL XPerform is a calcium lactate gluconate that delivers a neutral taste, which makes it ideal for use in mildly flavored products.

PURACAL QStable 140 is a stabilized calcium carbonate that enables calcium fortification in pH neutral soy milk. It gives a superior flavor, smooth mouthfeel, and requires no additional stabilizers or pH adjustment.



As the mineral salts of natural lactic acid and gluconic acid, Corbion’s lactates and gluconates provide a number of key advantages, including:

  • Superior bioavailability and solubility
  • Rapid dissolution and easy processing
  • Neutral flavor profiles
  • Suitability for drinks, liquid foods, capsules and tablets


PURAMEX - lactates  GLUCONAL - gluconates  
 PURAMEX MG, magnesium lactate, 10% mineral content   GLUCONAL CA, calcium gluconate: 9% mineral
 PURAMEX ZN, zinc lactate, 24% mineral content   GLUCONAL MG, magnesium gluconate, 6% mineral
   GLUCONAL K, potassium gluconate, 17% mineral content
   CLUCONAL FE, iron gluconate, 12% mineral content
   GLUCONAL ZN, zinc gluconate, 24% mineral content



PURASAL® HiPure P Plus is our potassium lactate ingredient created for the fortification of sports drinks. Its benefits include:

  • Neutral taste (not salty)
  • Available in liquid format for easy processing 
  • Supports cellular water balance, heart muscle function and the transmission of nerve impulses
  • Aids skeletal muscle contractility 
  • Helps regulate blood sugar levels 
  • Replenishes salt lost during sweat


Premixed convenience 

The experts at Corbion frequently partner with manufacturers to design premixed fortification solutions that help target specific health conditions and lifestyles, or to meet the needs of a specific consumer, age group, or demographic. 

These nutritional premixes offer a number of key benefits including:

  • Fewer formulation calculations
  • Reduced blending costs
  • Less need for warehousing raw materials 
  • Lower R&D costs 
  • Streamlined product development, so products get to market faster without compromising quality



Nutrivan™ is our custom portfolio of vitamin, mineral and electrolyte premixes. Because these nutrition-boosting solutions are created to meet your express quality and reliability requirements, they make processing easier, enabling you to get new health-focused products to market faster. 

In bakery applications, the Nutrivan™ line can be used to enrich flour, restoring nutrients often lost during processing. Since Standards of Identity for enriched cereal products were established in the US, Corbion has been the leading supplier of vitamin premixes to the flour milling industry. 

We can also go further in enriching flour products, fortifying them with vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional components. Consumers are more focused than ever on the nutritional content of their food, so Corbion’s fortification experts work closely with you to create customized fortification blends that meet your customers’ needs. 

To learn more about Corbion’s electrolytic ingredients for the fortification of beverages, dairy products, flour or even hard and soft candies, contact our experts

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