Meat, poultry, fish and seafood products

Corbion helps producers of meat, poultry, fish, and seafood deliver products that are safe, fresh, and delicious well past the point of sale, and do it on consumers' terms.

Preservation is just our starting point

Our solutions for meat preservation and safety solutions enable you to combat harmful microbes, extend shelf life, and reduce sodium.

Meat lovers know quality when they taste it. But delivering all the components of meat quality – factors such as flavor, texture, color stability, moisture content, nutritional content, cook yield, sliceability, shelf life, water activity, pH and, of course, food safety – requires a depth of knowledge even many meat producers don’t have. 

For 80+ years, Corbion has applied that kind of expertise to a wide array of challenges in meat, poultry, and seafood applications, leveraging a portfolio of ingredient solutions that is both broad and deep. 

There’s no doubt we built our meat industry reputation on our know-how in spoilage and pathogen control. Opti.Form® sodium or potassium lactate and (di)acetate blends have been the industry standard for Listeria control and shelf life extension for years. Verdad® vinegars, ferments, and multifunctional solutions deliver the qualities your products need with the labeling consumers prefer. But that’s just our starting point. Corbion solutions balance preservation with all the other facets of product quality that help make your product a marketplace winner.

With Corbion’s top-shelf ingredient expertise, application capabilities, and time-saving R&D tools on your side, you can navigate food system complexities and deliver everything meat lovers really want. 


Shelf life

Our meat solutions for shelf life extension help you reduce microbial spoilage, tackle purge and yield, and increase color stability. Whatever your needs – from natural, label-friendly solutions to solid ingredients for value brands…we offer you valuable and cost effective solutions.


Label friendly

We all know that consumers increasingly demand clear, simplified labelling on their food. Our Verdad® family helps you deliver it…


Sodium reduction

How can you reduce sodium in meat products safely, sustainably – and with minimal compromise on taste? At Corbion Purac we help you achieve all three…


Food safety

As meat production becomes more complex (and global), so too does the risk of microbiological contamination. That’s why we offer a family of trusted, food safety solutions for meat and poultry that are proven to protect.

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