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Our Opti.Form® portfolio of sodium and potassium lactate and (di)acetate blends have been a true game changer in the meat industry, delivering top-shelf Listeria control and extending shelf life, all while improving yield, purge, and texture in meat and poultry products.

For more than a decade, Opti.Form® has provided meat producers with optimum formulations that meet the dual need for great-tasting products that are safe and the ability to maximize shelf life.

Combining lactate with (di)acetate, Opti.Form® enables you to control Listeria growth in meat and poultry products, thereby increasing food safety and extending shelf life. Recognized as a proven, established solution for Listeria control, Opti.Form® is available in various formats to suit your specific needs.


Opti.Form S and P

Formulations for food safety or shelf life in meat, based on sodium and/or potassium salts of lactate and (di-)acetate.


Opti.Form Powder

This sodium lactate and sodium di-acetate in powder form can be used for all types of (cooked) meat applications to increase food safety or shelf life in meat.


Opti.Form Ace

Opti.Form Ace is our higher acetate level format that helps you reduce the addition level of safety ingredients, thus being more cost effective than regular solutions. Also available in powder format.


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