Delivering quality and a simpler label

Highly effective antimicrobial solutions delivered with a clean label

Our Verdad® Opti products are a line of antimicrobials that deliver highly effective control of pathogens and spoilage organisms without alienating the growing segment of consumers focused on ingredient labels. Declared as "Cultured sugar, Vinegar," these solutions offer manufacturers the convenience of a powder format but without the high sodium content that usually accompanies powder solutions.

Verdad® Opti Powder N70 is a complete clean label antimicrobial system that allows manufacturers to combat Listeria, achieve shelf life goals, and control Clostridium outgrowth with a single solution.

Verdad® Opti Powder XM10 is the first clean label powder system for mold inhibition and pathogen protection in one solution. Verdad Opti Powder XM10 delivers outstanding performance in high moisture meat snacks and other applications most vulnerable to mold.

*Verdad Opti products are available only in North America.

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