Verdad® Vinegar

Effective natural preservation

Nature-based solutions for meat and poultry applications, specially created to satisfy your demands for quality and safety.

Verdad® vinegar ingredients provide a consumer-friendly way to protect your products and your customer's experience.

Vinegar is produced by fermentation, a natural metabolic process used as a traditional manufacturing method for centuries in many cultures. Corbion's Verdad® vinegars provide a natural form of acetic acid in high concentration to deliver antimicrobial efficacy, and are buffered to avoid compromising the meat's flavor, texture, and water-holding capacity. These ingredients keep food safe and fresh by suppressing the growth of pathogens and a wide range of spoilage bacteria. And, because vinegars are generally recognized as kitchen cupboard ingredients, they are readily accepted by consumers.

Our vinegars – available in liquid and powder formats – are proven to control Listeria growth in cooked meats, and to extend shelf life in both fresh and cooked meats. Produced through the fermentation of corn sugar using specifically selected food cultures, the Verdad®, our vinegar portfolio, developed to help processors respond effectively to specific challenges.

The breadth of the portfolio offers the versatility needed to meet manufacturers' requirements in a wide variety of applications. Solutions vary by format (liquid or powder), acetic acid concentration, sodium content, buffering agent, and other factors to give formulators the latitude they need to achieve their product and market ambitions. 

Corbion’s vinegar portfolio is developed based on regional needs and regulatory situation in each region/country.

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