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When it comes to boosting cell renewal in anti-aging products, L-lactic acid like our PURAC® BF/P41 stands above all others in its ability to maintain the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) and deliver optimum skin renewal properties.

Fermented from natural carbohydrates, PURAC® BF/P41 could be considered ‘the body’s own Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), since lactic acid is exclusively produced by the metabolic conversion of glucose or glycogen in the body.

For manufacturers it all adds up to an ingredient that is easy to work with and perfect for formulations of between pH 4 and 5 – the optimum level for gently yet efficiently increasing cell renewal.


How does it work? Gentle stimulation of cell renewal

The amount of lactic acid and lactate found in a formulation depends on the pH level. The highest is at pH 3 (where the effect can be attributed to the direct effect of lactic acid on cell renewal). Meanwhile at pH 7, virtually all lactic acid is present as lactates. At a pH level between 4  and 5, lactates naturally hydrate the skin – one of the keys to cell renewal. 


What are the benefits of PURAC® BF/P41?

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Easy to formulate
  • Optimized pH

Our anti-aging solutions

Our biobased products are safe to use, effective, multifunctional – and natural. Our portfolio helps maintain a smooth, radiant, younger looking skin with stimulating exfoliation and cell renewal or increasing dermal- and epidermal thickness in anti-aging formulations.

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