Nature’s answer to today’s refrigerated food challenges

Harmful microorganisms, including yeast (e.g., Saccharomyces cereviseae) and spoilage bacteria such as Pseudomonas, can compromise the freshness, integrity, and appearance of your refrigerated products – along with consumer perceptions of your brand.

Corbion’s Verdad® range of natural preservation solutions protects against spoilage, extends your product’s shelf life, and even helps you create appealing savory flavor profiles at the same time.

Based on the products of natural fermentation processes, ingredients in the Verdad portfolio give manufacturers a degree of latitude in meeting local labeling regulations while communicating in language familiar and understandable to most consumers. Examples include “cultured sugar” or “fermented sugar.”

Nature-based solutions for chilled deli-style foods

Effective, natural solutions for preservation and food safety are important when introducing chilled deli-style foods into the market. Consumers of deli-style salads, dips, spreads, and hummus increasingly lean toward label-friendly versions those products, and Verdad® Ovvio is especially well-suited for such applications.

With an increasing number of consumers shying away from artificial additives like sorbates and benzoates, Corbion’s unique solution provides a natural means of extending shelf life and ensuring maximum freshness and quality. Verdad Ovvio is produced naturally through the fermentation of cane sugar which is combined with vinegar; the result is both natural and highly effective.

In addition to maintaining product stability and extending shelf life, the flavor-enhancing properties of Verdad Ovvio significantly improve sensory attributes and mouthfeel, so you can create safe, fresh, and tasty chilled deli-style products that stay that way longer.

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