PURAC® Powder

Boost your flavors, not your costs

When you’re competing for taste buds in the highly competitive savory snacks market, delivering tantalizing taste is mission-critical. But doing that profitably over the long term can be challenging, given that flavoring ingredients can represent an all-too-large portion of your total product costs.

Using a flavor enhancer to create big flavors while reducing overall expenditures on ingredients is an important part of staying cost-competitive in this dynamic, innovation-fueled market. That’s where Corbion can help.

Our PURAC® Powder is a natural lactic acid on a calcium lactate carrier that boosts the impact of your other, more expensive flavoring ingredients so you can use less of them and still create the taste you want. In a cheese-flavored application, for example, 3% cheese powder can be replaced by 0.3-0.5% PURAC Powder, resulting in a cost reduction of 5% for cheese powder.  

Whether you’re creating cheese biscuits, bagels, popcorn, or a sourdough premix, the mild sourness of our lactic acid can help you achieve the perfect, balanced flavor profile, even in reduced-sodium varieties, at a lower cost. Partner with us and leverage our formulation expertise and more than 80 years of experience in making and using natural ferments to solve food manufacturer’s biggest challenges.

Learn more about our capabilities and portfolio of solutions for helping you create savory snacks that win in the market.

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