Personal care

Makers of personal care and hygiene products are looking for a more natural route by which to deliver benefits to their customers.

Primarily because consumers themselves have never been more aware of, and concerned about, what’s in the products they use.

Functionality is everything in this market category, and when formulators can achieve the product attributes they want using fewer ingredients – and those ingredients are naturally derived, non-toxic, non-irritating to the eyes and skin, and easy to incorporate – it’s a win for the manufacturer and for the consumer.

Corbion uses its expertise in fermentation to produce lactic acid-based emulsifiers and surfactants enabling the ability to achieve multiple functionalities, like enhancing skin-feel and skin-penetration, moisturization, hair conditioning, and building viscosity. Our other offerings, whether used in oral care, skin care, or bath and shower products, contribute key functionalities and benefits while taking a similar nature-based approach.

Personal care

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