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The outstanding solvency offered by Corbion's PURASOLV® range of lactate esters gives manufacturers in multiple industries a more sustainable way to deliver on the potential of their key active ingredients. Below are a few examples.

For agrochemical

PURASOLV® green solvents provide the kind of superior solvency needed when creating efficient, high-performance agrochemical formulations. The PURASOLV® portfolio enables the development of more complete products that combine multiple actives, or the reformulation of existing products to deliver enhanced benefits.

Obtaining organic certification for agrochemicals can be a complex, time-consuming, and costly undertaking. Our latest solvent for biopesticides, PURASOLV® BL, is already OMRI listed and ready to use.



For electronics

PURASOLV® biobased solvents also serve as effective alternatives to conventional solvents in electronics manufacturing. Lactate esters deliver exceptional purity, optimal safety, and high performance, giving you the confidence you need to leverage their benefits in a wide variety of applications.

These solutions act as photoresist solvents, thinners, and edge bead removers in semiconductor production, and provide benefits in other applications such as LCD cleaning and capacitors fabrication (electronics binders).



For nail polish removers

We created PURASOLV® EL to provide a greener, safer alternative to acetone or ethyl acetate in nail polish removers. This derivative of lactic acid, produced via fermentation, enables formulators to create nail polish remover formulations that are both efficacious and environmentally friendly.



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