Dough and batter improvement

Improvers for bakery products.

In the ever-changing baking industry, one imperative never goes away: delivering consistently delicious products that make good on your brand promise. Despite shortages of skilled, experienced labor, and constant pressures to stay cost-competitive, the market expects industry leaders to continue growing, innovating, and delighting consumers with products that stand out as best in class.

Consistency and efficiency in your operations are crucial to meeting these many expectations, and optimizing your dough and batter quality is often the key to keeping things running smoothly and hitting your targets for quality and value.

Corbion can help you achieve that optimal dough quality. Our experts specialize in collaborating with bakers to apply innovative improvers that take the entire baking process into account. This approach helps you overcome your greatest challenges, whether they are in the mixer, in your production line, or in the transfer to or from the oven.

At Corbion, we work hard to create simple solutions that can be implemented seamlessly into your formulas and function synergistically within your processes. Our tech service team can also provide on-site, hands-on support to ensure our solutions perform in your facilities and can be optimized to your specific formula requirements.


Dough improvers

Corbion's dough and batter improvers are optimized to improve the texture, symmetry, volume, and tolerance of baked goods in high-speed environments. We help you achieve the volume and dough strength you need using solutions that fit your challenges – modified wheat gluten, dough strengthening emulsifiers, enzyme/oxidation systems, or complete label-friendly systems – and responding to all your requirements.


Gluten reduction

Your customers want bakery products that deliver consistent quality, but with fluctuations in wheat protein from year to year and crop to crop, many bakers depend on supplementation with vital wheat gluten to meet those expectations. However, that solution often subjects manufacturers to pricing volatility, security of supply issues, and the cost and inconvenience of having to frequently adjust mix time and absorption.

Corbion offers solutions designed to help bakers create dough with the tolerance needed to achieve consistent product quality while spending less on supplementation with vital wheat gluten or other traditional dough strengtheners.


Our brands:

Corbion's line of label-friendly dough conditioners helps you enhance the quality and consistency of dough throughout your production process.

Our family of mono- and diglycerides gives baked products improved texture, shelf life, and eating characteristics.

Corbion's pre-hydrated emulsifiers deliver the power of a powder in far less time. Provided in an easy-to-disperse, pumpable paste, they are ideal for no-time dough processes or applications with short mixing times. GMS provides the functionality of a powdered monoglyceride while eliminating the need for the time-consuming sponge stage.

This conditioner, softener, and stabilizer for baking emulsions improves dough processing by increasing sheeting and reducing stickiness, and extends shelf life by enhancing crumb softness.

Dough and batter improvement

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