Extending freshness and shelf life

When it comes to the freshness of bakery products, consumers' expectations are clear: When they buy bread, they want that bread to last longer, so the last slice tastes, feels, and smells as fresh as the first. It's the same with the last tortilla in the package or the last slice of cake. While meeting those expectations can be challenging, manufacturers who do so also drive greater operating efficiencies in the process.

Because freshness is at the heart of the premium eating experience consumers want, increasing product shelf life by preserving all the sensory qualities associated with the freshest baked goods is paramount. Accomplishing that goal increases buyers' perception of quality and value, earns their loyalty, and maximizes the likelihood of repeat purchases.

Extending the freshness of your baked goods can also have a far-reaching positive impact on production and distribution efficiency. Reducing changeovers enables longer production runs, which can lead to cost savings, less waste, and greater capacity. Optimizing scheduling can improve labor management, minimizing overtime and giveaway time. Moving from split to consecutive days off can also increase employee satisfaction and retention. Producing bread that stays soft and moist longer makes it possible to expand your distribution to new geographies or to new outlets such as convenience, drug, and dollar stores. Extended freshness results in fewer stale returns, fuller store shelves, and reduced food waste. It all adds up to a better bottom line.

Corbion can help bakers extend shelf life in a variety of breads, rolls, tortillas, and sweet goods so their products can remain fresh on the shelf for a few days, or even weeks, longer.


Enhanced versatility

One of the strengths of Corbion's Freshness Portfolio is its sheer versatility. Our freshness blends are optimized so they can be used in multiple applications and effective in multiple purchasing channels. We've considered the demands of a wide spectrum of distribution channels, so wherever you're selling your product in the commercial aisle, in the c-store, or online, your customers will experience your product at its best. Whatever your production or distribution model looks like, we can help you make sure your products stay soft, moist, and resilient, delivering the enjoyment consumers expect.


Optimized tolerance

You've mastered the art of baking, but ensuring your product still tastes fresh and delicious on the consumer's table is another challenge entirely. Our solutions deliver tolerance that protects your product against expected and unforeseen threats caused by packaging, environmental factors, and even handling.


Waste reduction

Throwing away products you've made is like throwing away money. With help from Corbion, you can maximize the value of every single unit you produce. Our portfolio is built to improve tolerance throughout production and keep your product soft, moist, resilient, and tasty, no matter the conditions between your doors and your customer.


Application support

With so many freshness attributes to get right when creating the perfect bread, flatbread, or sweet good, knowing that you can turn to the Corbion team for help makes all the difference. We've spent decades identifying, modifying, and optimizing freshness characteristics so our customers can achieve the best possible result. Whether it's modifying moistness, enhancing the bite, making sure the product can withstand freezing, or even simplifying a formula so ingredients don't work against one another, the Corbion team collaborates with you to provide a unique premium experience your customers will appreciate every time they choose your product.

Shelf life and freshness improvers

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