Better beverage acidification

While beverage manufacturers have traditionally looked to citric acid as the ingredient of choice for acidifying their products, Corbion is changing minds with its lactic acid solutions. 

Enabling partial or even full replacement of citric acid in your next beverage offering, our PURAC® FIT Plus delivers a milder sourness and even improves the flavor intensity of red fruits, orchard fruits, and dairy. And for formulators concerned about the organoleptic effects of alternative sweeteners, PURAC® FIT Plus helps mask the unwanted, lingering tastes that often accompany the use of stevia, sucralose, and aspartame.


Simply a better way

Acidifying your beverage with PURAC® FIT Plus gives you multiple benefits that can be key to your success in the market:

Reduce precipitation scaling – The formation of solid salts is a common problem that compromises quality and can lead to higher cleaning costs. Corbion's lactic acid solution is highly soluble, which reduces precipitation scaling and even helps lower energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Prevent spoilage – While harmful organisms like Alicyclobacillus can survive pasteurization and acidic conditions, PURAC® FIT Plus prevents vegetative cells and spores from taking hold in your juice-based drink product. This solution also provides an added barrier to yeast and mold growth, which helps give your product the kind of superior shelf life you need.

Keep it colorful – Anthocyanins – the natural pigments found in fruits and vegetables – can fade in your beverage product over time. PURAC® FIT Plus can be used to stabilize anthocyanin content up to 50% more effectively than citric acid, so your drinks will stay display-worthy longer.

Discover the advantages that come with choosing PURAC® FIT Plus as your beverage acidification solution.

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Better beverage acidification

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