Beverage fortification solutions

Consumers are on the lookout for beverages that promise both great taste and nutritional value. 

At Corbion, we've developed high-quality fortification solutions that help our customers meet these health-motivated demands without sacrificing taste, texture, or an overall pleasing experience.

Many consumers today are looking for a convenient way to augment their diet with more calcium, for example, an essential mineral for bone health both in early life and throughout adulthood. With milk consumption across the world decreasing and bone diseases like osteoporosis on the rise, Corbion is helping beverage manufacturers create calcium-rich product alternatives that offer sediment-free, delicious flavor, and a smooth mouthfeel.

Corbion's extensive mineral portfolio includes ingredients like gluconate salts, electrolytes, and natural lactates to support the development of more nutritious drinks. Whether you're thinking about fortifying your next beverage product with calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, or sodium ingredients, our solutions promise:

  • Outstanding stability in high-protein, neutral-pH drinks

  • Instant solubility in low-pH drinks to reduce processing time

  • Excellent mineral bioavailability for rapid absorption by the body

  • Neutral flavor profiles that help minimize formulation challenges

Easy, high-quality fortification

Our portfolio of nutrition-rich ingredients provides an array of highly effective alternatives to fit your specific formulation needs:

  • Suitable for all beverage product types, from fortified fruit juices to vitamin waters or isotonic drinks, PURACAL® is a highly soluble, highly bioavailable calcium lactate that won't result in grittiness in the final formulation. To fortify with magnesium and zinc, we offer the instantly soluble and highly bioavailable GLUCONAL®.

  • PURAMEX® combines all three of these minerals – calcium, magnesium, and zinc – with potassium in a highly soluble blend that delivers low flavor impact.

  • Our PURASAL® range also provides extensive benefits for beverage manufacturers; PURASAL® S is a mildly salty sodium lactate with high stability and water-holding capacity. PURASAL® HiPure P Plus is the cleanest-tasting potassium lactate we offer, and is ideal for helping you achieve a high RDI level while making a health claim.

Partnership that helps you move faster

Corbion® Mineral Calculator

On top of the expertise and quality ingredient solutions you get when working with Corbion, you also have access to the Corbion ® Mineral Calculator, a unique tool we developed to help you reduce guesswork and accelerate your new product development process. With just a few basic details about your formulation, the tool helps you quickly identify the correct quantities of minerals that should be used to reach your recommended daily intake targets.

Leveraging our time-saving tools and exceptional ingredient solutions, Corbion can help you get your fortified beverage product to market faster in winning fashion. Find out more by contacting us today.

Beverage fortification solutions

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